About Steve Gore

Steve Gore presents his lecture which has received excellent reviews at the IBM British Ring Convention, the Blackpool Magicians Club, the British Magical Society, The Magic Castle in Hollywood and over twenty magic societies. It includes lots of his original effects, including 'Trick Photography’', which MagicWeek called “Close-up Trick of the Year” and 'Visions from Vegas', which is an ingenious and easy mentalism effect which is a new method in magic. It’s not all close up though, there are effects for stage, stand up, mentalism and kids too, so there’s something for everyone. The majority of his effects are also easy to master, allowing you to focus on the presentation. The lecture lasts over two hours or can be condensed down for conventions. Here are a few recommendations from various magic clubs.

"The moment I walked in the room there was a sense of "This is a man who takes what he does seriously, and wants to give of his best"...and it raised the game for us all. I was really impressed with the way you had prepared yourself sartorially, so to speak, and also the quality and presentation of the merchandise you had on sale. You have a generosity of spirit and whilst it is your living, you nevertheless were very free with advice and your goods too were very fairly priced. Also your sense of ‘can do’ creativity was inspiring." ~ Keith Wells, Leicester Magic Cirle

"I thoroughly enjoyed your lecture last night, one of my colleagues and I just kept looking at each other at the end of each effect wondering 'whatever next'I don't think I've seen/met a magician with such an interesting array of effects and variations on originals at the Guild before. You have a very creative mind, Well done my friend! Overall it was one of the best lectures I have seen at the Guild and I joined in 1989!" ~ John Scott, Nottingham Guild of Magicians

"A goodly crowd was assembled for what turned out to be an afternoon full of original ideas, lateral magical thinking and, on occasions, the clever blending of known effects to create a whole new impact. We would certainly recommend him unreservedly to any society looking for an entertaining and totally original session.” ~ Brian Lead, Modern Mystic League

“It was professional in every respect from dress to the presentation of the effects whether they be close-up, stage or children’s magic.” ~ Liz Warlock, British Magical Society

“Well excellent isn't a word I use often, since I believe generally most things in life can be improved. We don't live in a perfect world. However your presentation for the York Society last night was excellent with a capital 'E'. It was one of the most professional presentations I have seen in recent times. I thought your explanations were clear and concise, as was demonstrated by the very few questions asked with each illusion. I found the entire evening inspirational. It was encouraging to see your emphasis on entertainment rather than complex manipulating skills. Thank you so much for spending your time with us.” ~ Austin Siviter, York Society of Magicians

"Steve's lecture to The Darlington Magic Circle was a joy to behold. All the items were real time workers, tried and tested in the field by a true professional. They were clearly explained and Steve took great pains to ensure all quieries (of which there were very few) were fully satisfied. He has such an engaging personality too! A lesson in itself. If his smile was any broader, it would meet at the back! Nobody in the audience went away without something they could use and I have no hesitation in recommending Steve for your Circle or Club meeting. Very well worth seeing."
~ Nick Richmond, President of The Darlington Magic Circle

"Thoroughly enjoyed your lecture last night, a perfect mix of effects and to be honest I missed how many different items you performed as you seemed to get through so many without rushing or padding. All the tricks were instant workers with minimal skill required which then allows the performer to concentrate more on the entertainment side, which is perfect for me. I was racking my brains to try and find a way that I would use your book test as I absolutely loved it (the method is ingenious by the way!) but at the moment it would just sit on a shelf as I dont do mentalism but wish I did so then I could buy it! Thanks again for sharing everything with us last night, I would have no hesitation recommending you to other circles and societies, it was a first rate night!" ~ Stuart "Stu Di Doo" Hodgson, Darlington Magic Circle